Adult Electric Car Eec Approved High Quality electric car with solar panel

Type:mini electric car
Gear Box:Automatic
Made In:China
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Product Name:High Quality Smart Electric Car,
Max speed:55KM/H
Battery:60V/ 120Ah Gel battery
Charging time:6-8 hours
Brake System(Front/Rear):4 wheel Disc brake
Rated Motor power (W):4000W DC Brushless motor
Air conditioning:optional
Max.Loading:300 kgs
Max.Range distance:100-120KM
Gross Weight:650KG
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Adult Electric Car Eec Approved High Quality electric car with solar panel

Product Description

Adult Electric Car Eec Approved High Quality electric car with solar panel

What is Solar Energy Electric Vehicle?

Generally speaking, electric cars such as four-wheeled vehicle, tricycle or two-wheeled vehicle have only one kind of power source, which is lead-acid battery or lithium battery, used to supply power.
On the basis of that, solar-powered electric vehicles convert solar energy into electric energy to power the car, which greatly reduces the cost of electric vehicles and is very environmentally friendly.
The structural performance that more outstanding and superior can supplement the electric power of electric vehicles timely and effective in the field, increasing mileage, maintaining and extending the battery life and motor life.


Energy-saving, environment-friendly and new solar energy type
 Charge anytime and anythere when there is sunlight
 Lead-acid battery life is up to two to three years
 Solar panel could last 20~30 years
 Electrophorectic painting technology
 Extend battery lifetime and long warranty period
 Comprehensive technical support
 Constructive instruction and suggestions


Solar energy is inexhaustible, don’t spend money on charging

It can extend the battery life and motor life.

It can solve the high-level user charging problem.

Drive to generate electricity, parking to charge.

Life time more than 10 years,value for money!

Dual Charge Mode: Light can be charged during the day.the solar panel is automatically charged to meet daily needs; At night or in rainy weather, using a home-use 220V outlet to charge it, which just uses 6-8 kWh to fill it.

Main Parts


European trend style, fashionable appearance.

LCD dashboard, manual gear

Combined headlamp

Smart charger

Steel wheel hub vacuum tire

Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
Length / width / height (mm)
4 people
Body material
Load-bearing integrated metal shell
Vehicle weight
Ground Distance
Maximum load
The front disc brake drum
Vehicle interior
PS Laminated film
suspended system
Front macphersan/Rear arm suspension
Wheel tires
Aluminum alloy wheel/vacuum tire
Motor power
Power battery type
Gel free maintenance
Motor type
AC asynchronous motor
battery capacity (ah)
Electronic control system
60-72VLow voltage AC controller
Charging time
Maximum speed(km/h)
recharge mileage

Q1: Whether the solar electric vehicle can automatically charge?
A1: Yes. Under the condition of 8 hours of illumination time and good lighting conditions, the solar cell conversion rate is about 21%-24%, and the generated electricity is about 1.5-2 degrees.

Q2: What about the payment?
A2: We accept L/C,T/T, Credit card payment terms.

Q3: How long is the transportation time?
A3: Dear friend, we have vehicles in stock, when you paid, to ensure superior quality we will test vehicle again, after the test is good,we will arrange the shipping asap.

Q4: How much will the shipping charges be?
A4: This will depend on the size of your shipment and the method of shipping. When inquired about shipping charges, we hope that you let us know the detailed information such as the codes and quantity, your favorable method of shipping, (by air or by sea,) and your designated port or airport.we will caculate a favorable shipping cost for you.

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